There are two main ways to get onto Molokai, by a prop airplane from Honolulu, Oahu or a ferry from Lahaina, Maui. Of course, you can also get a flight from other islands if you are visiting another island first.


If you are coming from the mainland, you can book a flight right to Molokai (MKK) or you can try to find a better price on a round trip flight to Honolulu (HNL) and get a separate round trip to Molokai.

Island Air 800-323-3345 -

This is who all of the major airlines will book your connection with when you book a round trip to MKK from the mainland. Their terminal is in the main terminal.

If you are up for a little adventure to save around $100 on the connecting flight from Honolulu to Molokai, there are a few commuter airlines that are based on the other side of the airport on Lagoon Rd.

InterIsland Airways (808) 836-8080 -

Mokulele Airlines

Go! Airlines

Pacific Wings

Maui/Molokai Ferry

Molokai Princess (866) 307-6524 -

From Maui, you catch the ferry from the city of Lahaina. If you are accessing the island from this direction, make sure you have transportation lined up - the two main car rental places are at the airport.  There is one car rental in town (1/4mi from the dock)

There is no ferry from Honolulu.

Car Rental

At the airport...  (877) 222-9075 or (808) 567-6042

Downtown Kaunakakai...
Island Kine Car Rental (866) 527-7368