There is a place in the world where time seems to have stopped, where simplicity rules, where peace of mind can be found. Welcome to Molokai, the most Hawaiian of all the islands.

Here on Molokai, one can’t help but be allured by the ruggedness of the world’s largest sea cliffs towering above crystal clear, turquoise waters, or the gentle stretches of untamed beaches, including the second longest beach in Hawaii.

Take a leisurely drive, hike or ride a pack animal through misty rainforests, to the silvery waterfalls, or through royal coconut groves. Watch out for the wild spotted deer, though, or perhaps a mongoose or turkey or two! You might even see a humpback whale leap while cruising the shoreline.

Molokai is a place where authenticity reigns supreme, the only main island in which native Hawaiians are the majority - only 7,000 people live on the island. You will find a warm welcome and friendly conversation among the locals and delight in their stories reaching generations back.

Come discover this little corner of the planet and lose yourself in its splendid beauty…or perhaps more accurately, find yourself.

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